The survey on bills on the rule at the House of Representatives has brought, as result, only three bills involving Viral Hepatitis Awareness.

Survey datas at the São Paulo State Congress, ALESP, have not found any bill on that specific topic.

The research has been done over both Chamber websites, National and State ones.

According to Rodrigo Pinheiro, president of the State of São Paulo Forum on NGO/AIDS, the surveillance data aimed “to verify open discussions through public hearings and to submit other bills in order to fulfill the current demands”.

See below the bills under consideration at the House of Representatives:

PL 7651/2014Sets forth banning any form of prejudice against Viral Hepatitis carriers, first and foremost against those ones who carry Hepatitis C.
Sponsor: Deputada Maria Lucia Prandi – PT/SP
Status: Ready to be discussed at the Committee on Social Security and Family .

PL 3870/2015Sets the campaign named “Yellow July” on the national calendar program. The bill proposes an awareness campaign against Viral Hepatitis, every year, during the months of July.
Sponsor: Deputado Marcos Reategui – PSD/AP
Status: Ready to be discussed at the Committee on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJC).

PL 7628/2014Adds item to article 20 of law n° 8.036, adopted on May 11th, 1990, in order to give permission to the employers to use resources from their FGTS account (Brazilian Employee’s Severance Guarantee Fund) whether the person, or any of the person’s dependant, carries chronic Hepatitis B or C.
Sponsor: Representative Dr. Jorge Silva – PROS/ES
Status: Attached to the bill 5356/2013.

Researches helded by FOAESP has found three Parliamentary Fronts, both the National Congress, coordinated by the Federal representative Marcos Reategui (PSD-AP), and the State Congress, coordinated by the State representative Carlão Pigmatari (PSDB).

“We will schedule meetings with the Parliament Front coordinators in order to push common interests through both Chambers”, affirms Rodrigo Pinheiro.