In the last July 27th, as an act to celebrate Hepatitis Day, the minister of health, Ricardo Barros, announced the acquisition of 25.000 HCV treatments to carry out Hepatitis C Programme in Brazil, thereby fulfilling the treatment goal of 35.000 patients per year, as it was achieved in 2016.

At that moment, the Ministry of Health medicine supply was scarce and, actually, to avoid shortages, the purchases should already have started in May, at latest in June. Nevertheless, the medicines acquirement announced in July by the minister of heath was received with great relief.

Unfortunately, from that moment until now, the second fortnight of August, the contracts with the drug manufacturers have not even been signed, and, worsen the picture, the medicines to treat infected patients are over and the waiting queue to get medications is about 5.000 individuals.

Then, it is lenient to wonder whether the minister is lying or been deceived by his assistants who are liable for the management supply and purchase of medicines.
(*) Adapted from Grupo Otimismo de apoio ao Portador de Hepatite's homepage – hepatitis carrier support group.
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