Prevention, vaccine and treatment access were the main topics addressed during the training afternoon on hepatitis promoted by the State of São Paulo Forum on NGO AIDS. In order to fulfill the proposal, there were 13 members of state Non-Governmental Organizations which have already developed works with HIV-carriers, mainly to understand how they can help community to avoid contagion or even get treatment and adequate instruction in the case of hepatitis infection.

According to the event organizers, the main objective is to “to bring information to professionals who work directly with those people, talking and making contact with them every day. In our field of activity, co- infection is a serious problem and the patient must be well informed on how to deal with the issue”. The rate of deaths caused by HIV and hepatitis confection is four times higher than the rate of deaths caused by only one infection.  
“Some doctors are still not prepared to diagnose disease because they still linking liver diseases to alcohol abuse. Without the correct information, the patient does not know how to question the diagnosis or ask the doctor for the right exams”, explains Paulo Giacomini, the one in charge of hepatitis empowerment projects.
Only in the State of São Paulo they were diagnosed more than 55 thousand people living with hepatitis C and, in 11% of cases, the patient was also HIV- infected. The world rate of  hepatitis B and C- infection is over 2 million people. Most infection are among men who have sex with men over their 40s, due to the routes of transmission and the fact of vaccine campaign has covered mostly new generation.
Jessica Paula, from AIDS News Agency, 09/14/2017 - 8:30PM.
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