Since 2008, a bill sponsored by the national deputy Paulo Teixeira (PT-SP) is under way at the Chamber. Sponsored to change the Law of Patents in Brazil, the bill seems without support to advance. In order to know the congressman opinion about the delay, we sent him two questions.

Since 2008, there is a bill sponsored by you in course at the Chamber. Why does not it make progress at the Chamber?
Deputy Teixeira: We are passing through a moment that is observed great conservatism in the parliamentary benches, that inhibits the advance of bills like that.
Due to the current patent law in Brazil, the country use to pay around U$ 4,000 each twelve weeks HCV treatment, whereas Egypt is about to eliminate the disease, since its government get the same treatment at the purchase price of U$ 300. How does this bill that you have sponsored, if enacted, could: A) Cheapen the purchase price. B) Boost Brazilian drug industry?

Deputy Teixeira: The general purpose is to empower the national industry, allowing the manufacture and purchase of pharmacological items in an affordable price, which guarantees health access to people, that is a constitutional right.