The National Congress Joint Committee on the Fight against STD/HIV/AIDS presented the Draft Decree 885/2018, that, if enacted, will suspend the Ministry of Health Ordinance 3992/2017. The Ordinance 3992/17 extinguishes the health financing packages, linking the funds to two accounts - costs and capitals.

The Parliamentary Committee will also present to the Ministry of Health a request information letter on the prices the country pays for the hepatitis C drugs, and to inquire how will they expand hepatitis C treatment under the Constitutional Amendment 95/2016, which prohibits the elevation of health costs by the next 20 years.

Yellow July
The Bill 3870/2015 which enacts the Yellow July is still at the Committee on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJC), where it was adopted without amendments and was sent to the final draft. To the next step, it is necessary to appoint a rapporteur, that is a quick process. Anyway, the 2018 CCJC is still not formed, since the parties have not chosen their members yet. Every year, there is a new Committee formation.

Arguments complicate te Bill steps
The bill 7651/2014 which criminalizes discrimination against people living with hepatitis C is facing difficulties to move on. Put to vote for twice at the Committee on Social Security and Family (CSSF), in both situations the rapporteur Zenaide Maia (PR/RN) decided to back off under pressure of some parliamentarians.

If the congresswoman remains at the CSSF, she will be kept as the rapporteur, otherwise, another member must be designated. When the Committee is formed, depending on the deputy appointed to be the bill rapporteur, all the defense strategy shall be rebuilt.