The Foaesp’s president, Rodrigo Pinheiro, and its law advisor, Claudio Pereira, met the coordinator of the State of São Paulo Programme on Viral Hepatitis (PEHV-SP), Sirlene Caminada, in order to discuss the access to the treatment of hepatitis C and the issue of co-infection in the state.
The Foaesp will address an official letter to the State of São Paulo Health Secretariat, requesting database on the distribution of medicine for the treatment of Hepatitis C, aiming also obtaining real data on the access of patients to the treatment of the disease. The first data surveyed, extra official, are that distribution and access are precarious.

Diagnosis campaign mediation

During the meeting it were also scheduled the dates for the Hepatitis C testing and diagnosis campaign at the Commerce Workers Union of The State of São Paulo. The coordination of PEHV-SP and the Union board of directors estimates to carry out one hundred tests. The campaign, organized by Foaesp, will take place on July 26 and 27, at the Union’s headquarter. People whose tests accuse positive for Hepatitis C will be addressed to the Federal University of São Paulo – Unifesp.