The State os São Paulo Forum on NGO/AIDS required to the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) to “open a new procedure in order to make the Hepatitis C treatment more accessible”, in other words, it asked the transference of those drugs from the specialized component group to the specific component one.
The document attached to the requirement the FOAESP ‘s appeal, addressed to the Ministry of Health, as well as its response. Read below the full request addressed to the Public Prosecutors.

To the Public Prosecutor’s Office
São Paulo Public Prosecutor’s Office

The State of São Paulo Forum on NGO/AIDS, non governmental organization on the fight against AIDS, CNPJ 02.736.953/0001-48, headquartered at São Paulo – SP, 324, São João blvd, ap. 701, CEP 01036-000, hereby presents, with all respect, the current situation regarding to the treatment of Hepatitis C in the country, which needs adaptation.
From 2014/2015 on, new pharmaceutical technologies on the treatment of Hepatitis C were developed in the world.
Those new treatments were introduced in the Unified Health System and are distributed since October, 2015.
It is important to highlight that the introduction of those new drugs has brought considerable results for the treatments, since before that, the prospect of Cure used to be around 40% with the prescription of high side effect medicine. Nowadays, the chances of Cure are almost 97% of the patients and the side effects are few.
Nonetheless, the distribution of those treatments by the SUS are individual. That is the doctor responsible for the patient must draw up a report based on the Clinical Protocol and Therapeutic Guidelines for Viral Hepatitis, that is sent to the Ministry of Health and the treatment is addressed in the patient’s name. That might delay from four to ten months. If there is any error in the form, it is sent back to the physician and it must be made out since the beginning.
However, in Brazil, most patients discover their disease in advanced stage and that urges quick treatment. That makes it impossible to wait the average period to get the medicine. Faced with this situation, the patients in advanced stage of the disease seek the justice to have access to treatment,  that might be the difference between life and death.
Due to the presented fact,  some institutions request changes in the steps of the medicine distribution, that means the transference of the drugs for the treatment of Hepatitis C from the specialized component group to the strategic component group. The distribution of the medicine on the treatment of HIV/Aids is via strategic component group, that turns more agile their distribution. (Attached doc.)
Those changes we have just requested to the Ministry of Health, however, it seems the changes are far from being achieved. (Attached doc.)
We request, therefore, a procedure which facilitates the access to treatment for those living with Hepatitis C.
It is worth noting that, if the states were provided with a minimum stock as a strategy for the quick access of those patients detected with an advanced stage of disease, that would greatly assist during the process of moving the treatment from the specialized component to the strategic component. This action would avoid judicial processes in order to access the treatment. 
Based on the above considerations, we await appropriate actions from your part and thank you in advance.
Yours sincerely,
Rodrigo de Sousa Pinheiro
President of the State of São Paulo Forum on NGO/AIDS 
São Paulo, May 17, 2018.
Vaccination Campaign against Hepatitis A for MSM begins
In December, the FOAESP requested the Ministry of Health to expand Hepatitis A vaccination among men who have sex with men (MSM). As the LGBT Parede’s activities approach, the State and Municipal Health Secretariats and the Ministry of Health started the vaccination campaign addressed to MSM, transvestites, transgenders and sex workers last Monday, 05/28.
According to the heath authorities, from June to November 2017, 786 new cases of hepatitis A in the state capital were reported, among the new cases 88% are male. Until May 2018, it was detected 301 newly infected, among them 80% are male.
CFT schedules public hearing to discuss the Ordinance 3992/17
The House Committee on Finance & Taxation has schedule to July 7, the Public hearing to discuss the Ministry of Health’s Ordinance 3992/2017, which extinguishes the Unified Health System’s financing packages. They were invited to the meeting: the National Treasury Secretariat, the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, the Budget and Finance Committee of the National Health Council and the National Articulation of AIDS (ANAIDS).